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Privacy Policy

Workers’ Educational Association of Canada believes strongly in respecting the privacy of your information.

We review overall hits and not individual trends in the use of our website, in order to track data related to the number of visits to our website and to each section within the website. Specifically, we use this information to measure the effectiveness of our web site.

We only gather information that is voluntarily disclosed and do not collect any information without the user’s knowledge and permission.

We do not sell, rent, share or make available personal information with other organizations. All information we collect serves the purposes of The Workers’ Educational Association only. Personal information that you provide will not be shared with other groups, including financial information.

We contact individuals only for purposes related to our programs and services.

At any time upon request and/or for any reason, we will remove the names of individuals from our mailing list. You may contact us directly by phone at (416)-923-7872 or e-mail we have only a Learning Curves email address to remove your name from our mailing list.

We are not responsible for privacy practices or the content of sites for which we have links on our website. You are responsible for carefully reviewing and accepting the terms of the Privacy Statements of the sites that you visit, including those for which we provide links to.