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Getting from NOT Knowing to Knowing

By SONNY WONG - October 5 2022

Have you ever wondered how you got to where you are in your life now? What are your personal or professional life accomplishments and how have you accumulated them all?


Vote! Election Day October 24th

By WENDY TERRY - October 5 2022

Municipal elections are the most complex because you vote for 3 representatives: a Mayor for your city, a Councillor for your ward, and a School Trustee for your ward.


Moving On from Being a Full Time Mom

By ADMIN - October 5 2022

One day before my 33rd birthday, I wrote and passed my very first exam towards becoming a Real Estate Agent! After almost a decade of being a full time mom to 3 kids, this was my first step towards building a professional career.


Self esteem and the job search

By CARTER HAMMETT - August 9 2022

You’ve now reached a stage where you have completed your self- assessments, researched some work options and arrived at some conclusions. It’s time to set some goals.