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Use AI to revise your resume

By WENDY TERRY - February 27 2024

She told me they are teaching their clients how to use AI to edit an existing resume to focus on a new job application. AI Artificial Intelligence the latest high tech development. Read up on it.


The 2 minute rule for employment Preparation

By LISA TRUDEL - January 9 2024

This year I read a book by James Clear titled “Atomic Habits”.  One of the chapters mentioned the “2-Minute Rule” which helps with procrastination, breaking old habits, and building new healthy ones. 


Does AI Want Your Job?

By LISA TRUDEL - September 7 2023

Have you noticed there are more blogs and podcasts than ever before discussing how AI (artificial intelligence) will soon affect almost every profession?


It's never too late

By GINNY RANA - September 7 2023

Sarah had been busy looking at schools in Canada for her two children. She and her husband, Bob had recently received their Permanent Residency and were very excited at better prospects that awaited them