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Use AI to revise your resume

By WENDY TERRY - February 27 2024

Delivering Learning Curves over the years, going into my 25th year, I have learned many things that would help our readers and have written stories about them.

For the Fall 2023 issue I was talking to Judith Hart at the Next Steps Employment Centre in Meadowvale. 

She told me they are teaching their clients how to use AI to edit an existing resume to focus on a new job application. AI Artificial Intelligence the latest high tech development. Read up on it.

As I understand it you put your previous resume on file, then put the job posting on file and ask CHATGPT to create a revised resume targeted to that Job, it takes less than a minute, then you edit the revised resume.

I was amazed as I have read everything I see on AI trying to understand what it can do, and helping you save time when customizing your previous resume for a new job application finally seemed a practical use to me. 

In the late 1990’s I ran a coop program for adult newcomers, and redoing your resume to target each new job was just starting. As employers were just starting to scan each resume to look for key words that described your experience that matched their job posting. Nowadays they don’t even look at the resumes with few key word matches. Resume sare scanned by machine not a person, so the chance of catching someone’s eye is gone. So having CHATGPT re word your resume to do this job ad matching in less than a minute would be a time saver. Then you edit to customize the AI match to your style of writing. 

At Meadowvale Next Steps the workshop is call Text and Power Edit Your Resume (AI). Ask around at Employment Centres near you to see if they have a similar workshop to help you do this. Go to 211. Ontario click on the Employment/Training Box or Newcomers Box to help you search out an employment or resettlement service near you that could help you learn how to use AI to revise your resume.

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