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Surviving the horrors of war in Mariupol, Serhii's resilience led him to a new life in Canada. Embracing hope, he not only rebuilt but discovered a passion for capturing the beauty of street art, creating a captivating collection of Canadian murals.

When it comes to immigration, Canada consistently holds leading positions in the list of countries with the most pleasant and understandable conditions for newcomers.

However, what Canadians sometimes forget is that access to free and effective medical practices is a luxury for many residents of other countries. Canada truly saves lives for many immigrants.

The realities of the modern world dictate their own rules. Several decades ago, the life of an ordinary person was simple and straightforward: go to school, get an education, find a stable job, and work until retirement.

Today the whole world knows what is happening in Ukraine. War came to my home in February of 2022 one morning at 5:30am with a deafening explosion from the airport about 15 kilometers from my street.

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