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Dive into the complex dynamics of immigration, exploring the challenges faced by newcomers, from the initial honeymoon phase to the impact on mental and physical well-being, while emphasizing the transformative potential of migration in shaping societies and fostering cultural diversity.

One of the news we saw most in the Toronto media this summer was the growing number of homeless people in the parks and the housing problem of newly arrived immigrants.

Osman Ozsoy's reflection emphasizes that every "true story" on screen mirrors our shared human journey, urging us to infuse hope and empathy into our narratives and actions.

In the world's museums, a Turkish proverb resonates: "A donkey dies, and his saddle is left behind. A person dies, and his work is left behind." This preview explores the profound impact of historical artifacts, emphasizing how museums, like mirrors of humanity's story, call us to leave a legacy of positive deeds and cherished memories for future generations.

Everyone's expectations, goals and the point they want to reach in life are different. Some people have what they want to have throughout their lives, while others have it at birth. What to choose, dream of reality?

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