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45 Barkwin, Etobicoke

By HEESUN KOH - February 27 2024

45 Barkwin, Etobicoke, a place in my heart,
Where moments of love and life were shared.
In February this year, briefly I stayed,
June to October, with joy, I swayed.

With Julia and Noa I did reside,
Preparing for Noa and Tim’s wedding.
We chose the dress and a venue so gorgeous,
Decorations and gifts with our hands.

Gratitude to the guests, food to select,
Visiting in-laws, our plans we’d reflect.
This place held meaning, so deep and true,
We shared moments; we’d happily pursue.

With memories woven, it’s a sweet, sweet home.
Where our hearts discovered so much more.
Daughters, my treasures, we could find joy,
Each moment is a gift, a smile on our face.

Every morning, the bird’s gentle whisper,
A culinary tale in my thoughts was found.
Meals are prepared with Tim’s lunch box,
As a mother, this joy, I’d gladly celebrate.

From the living room, a view so wonderful,
The willow tree danced with grace in the breeze,
Skies, clouds and morning sunshine,
How enchanting it was to gaze at them.

Walks through Albion Park and into the green forest,
Birds in a joyous chorus, leaves rustling in the breeze,
Nature’s illuminating me with her own beauty,
My soul was warm, I hummed and sang.

Here, I wrote poems and columns, words took flight.
In “Learning Curves” embrace, my heart’s composed.
My journey with poems, dreams come true.
The path is enchanting, the air is fragrant.

With each breath, gratitude fills my heart,
For life’s precious gift, right from the start,
Julia to Korea, the newlyweds to Mississauga,
And I go to Brunswick with an angel’s guide

Beautiful, grateful, joyful and happy,
45 Barkwin’s memory, my heart forever stays,
A chapter of love, family, and grace,
In this Etobicoke home, our unforgettable place.

16 October 2023

written by HeeSun

HeeSun is a poet and storybook writer who belongs to the UitC at the University of Toronto. She brings hope to people and brightens the world with beautiful poems, songs, and stories. She is a valued member of the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto and Pen International

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