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Access Business College Changes Location but Not Its Heart

By WENDY TERRY - September 16 2013

Access Business College has moved to just north of Finch on Yonge Street. Not only is the new location closer to central public transit both for Toronto and York Region and Go ( Finch Station) but it has almost most doubled the space. On a recent visit, I was given a tour by Sonia Nerses. I could see that the computer rooms and class rooms were more spacious and the new lunch and coffee area for the students was great.

What has not changed, is the quality of the instructors and staff. Sonia as usual was preoccupied with getting accreditation for one of her students just as I have seen her work hard to secure funding for others. A former student was on reception, a former student was doing stats for the government, instructors were working quietly and individually with students. The students were intent on their computer screens learning the latest programs for their field.

Access Business College is a member of the Career College Ontario sector (see story on page ????) and like all these small private colleges very focused on their students getting jobs. These colleges have an 84.3% success rate.

Sonia is always helping Learning Curves with stories on where the jobs are. In our Summer 2013 issue it was Learn How To Start a Career in the Financial Services Industry (page 15.) In our Spring 2013 (page 15) issue it was Property Administration. Banks are very large labour markets which hire thousands every year. Similarly with health care, in our Winter 2012 issue (page 15) Sonia filled me in on the job market for Medical Office Assistant, another large labour market. Access has certification programs in all these areas and more.

More important, as my colleague Joanne MacKay-Bennett said, after attending the graduation in June of 2012, it is a small business college with a big heart.

See Fall 2012 pg. 9 for Joanne’s story

Access Business College changed locations and I’m sure has brought that big heart along.

Access Business College 5799 Yonge Street Suite 1000 10th Floor, Phone 416-510-2739

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