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And all these little things…

By SAMANVITHA ORUGANTI - September 26 2023
And all these little things…

by Samanvita Oruganti

” She drank the fresh air and bathed the sunlight; she carried the whiff of a lily and the grace of a peacock. She twirled like a butterfly and swayed like a zephyr. She sprinkled the hues of a rainbow and escalated the tweets of a nightingale. She radiated the vibes of a Bohemian and the beats of a dancer.

She scattered ‘the positive vibes’ and muted the ‘Nonsense thoughts.’ She hushed the judgments and the furtive talks. She adored her quirky soul and zeal of a warrior. She is a happy romcom and a passionate biography.

She knew the magic of long drives and star-filled sky; she knew the magic of witnessing the sunrises and sunsets. She believed in the enchantment of being lost in a good book and trusted the voodoo of relishing her favorite delicacy. She allured the magnetism of love and life.

She enticed the free spirits of a bird. She embraced the first rain, sun streak, and winter chill. She is a damsel with dreams in her eyes and endearment in her heart. She treasured the memories of life. She toiled around the glamour of ‘little things in life!’ So hey you! Yes, you? Who are you? Who is the real you? “Read out my little sister practicing for her recital. She captured the true essence of life way better than me.

Samanvitha Orugant is an avid storyteller who likes narrating stories about people, emotions, and places. She believes our world has innumerable tales, some hidden, some not, but all waiting to be told. She can be reached via email at

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