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Remote in Rexdale

By ANDREW OLIVER - July 1 2023

I have been hearing more and more about people working remotely. I have a call center background but am currently unemployed. I have great data entry skills and love dealing with the public. Can you give me some tips and hints on how I can find a remote job and what factors should I take into consideration if I decide to work remotely?

Remote in Rexdale

Dear Remote in Rexdale

Welcome to the club! I work remotely, and while it may seem ideal to some, there are factors to take into consideration. 

What may initially seem like a pro can sometimes also be a con. First:

No commute! Yay, no sitting in traffic. BUT! Some people need that time between home and work to get into a work headspace.

No office cubicle! BUT! Do you have space in your home to dedicate to a workspace? Your area needs to be quiet and everyone in your space needs to respect that is your workspace.

Technology! Technology is what allows us all to be able to take advantage of work-at-home options. BUT! You also need to have a reliable high-speed internet line and be familiar with other software such as ZOOM and Google Meet. The company may also want you to be able to access its own software. 

No nosy co-workers! BUT! Also, no early morning coffee klatches, potluck lunches, and camaraderie often found in an office environment. If you are going to work remotely you may have to work doubly hard to establish a support team. 

Know your rights! It may seem you are working on your own BUT most remote workers still work for an employer. That means if you are entitled to sick days use them! There may be a temptation to work sick but that is not in your best interest. You also have to take breaks, get outside when you can, and be cognizant of your own mental and physical health needs.

Taking all of the above into consideration, go ahead and start your job search. Ensure that you search keywords like “work from home”, “remote work” and “remotely”. As with any job, research the employers and have your questions ready. Beware of companies that offer to set you up with your own at-home business for a “fee”. Make sure the company is legitimate. You can also use some sites to read reviews by current and previous employees. 

Good luck!

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