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Is The Real You An Artist?

By ADMIN - December 9 2010

By Andrew Sutherland

Have you always dreamed of being an artist? Looking to change careers and get into the arts, but not sure if it’s quite right for you? Many Ontario colleges offer one-year introductory programs for those with artistic inclinations who want to dip their toes into creativity, before they dive in headfirst.

Art and Design Fundamentals: Sheridan College

Want to be the next Picasso? Or how about being the next Warhol? Sheridan College’s one-year art and design program provides a solid foundation in the world of visual arts. It also gives students the opportunity to figure out which of the arts they enjoy the most, and what they’re best at. Develop research, problem solving and conceptualization skills, and work on a portfolio that will be a valuable tool whether pursuing further education or diving straight into the world of visual arts.

Classes include Ideas and Imagery where students learn how to develop original images and concepts by experimenting with creative think synectics and the design process; Colour and Design where students learn about the three attributes of colour, hue, value and chroma, and explore colour relationships based on the colour theories of Jospeh Itten, and Henry Munsell. Fundamentals of Web Design introduces simple program coding and teaches students the basics of building a personal promotional website. For more info check out or email program coordinator Amy Switzer –

Jazz Performance: Intro to Commercial and Jazz Music: Humber College

Humber Jazz has a stellar reputation, and many Humber faculty members have won Grammy and Juno awards for their music. This one-year performance-based program includes weekly private lessons, small group ensemble performances and the opportunity to study with some of Canada’s finest jazz musicians. Intro to Commercial and Jazz Music will help you acquire the knowledge, skills and theory that form the groundwork of commercial and jazz music. The program also gives academic qualifications to those who are interested in continuing their education in undergraduate studies. For more info check out or email program coordinator

Performing Arts Preparation: Sheridan College

If you know your future is on the stage, you just don’t know which stage it is yet, try it all with this one-year program at Sheridan. Students gain first-hand experience in a variety of disciplines like acting, singing, dance, as well as stand-up and sketch comedy. Courses include voice and music where students learn vocal techniques through a series of progressive practical exercises, discussions and rehearsals, culminating in an ensemble performance; movement and dance through ballet, where students develop strength, flexibility, stamina and coordination and learn the fundamental approaches to movement using repetition and the complexity of movement sequences. In the technical and design career course, they learn about the technical production aspects of performing arts, and how to interpret and analyze the production requirements for a variety of live performances. For more info check out or email program coordinator Mark Melymick: mark.melymick@

Media Foundation: Humber College

The Internet age and the waves of new media that have come along with it are now crashing down on anyone who wasn’t born with a mouse planted firmly in their hand. Get a handle on the basics of the new media at Humber. The Media Foundation curriculum includes courses in film studies, website development, basic photography, public relations, journalism, media writing and audio production. Students learn how to use HTML, JavaScript, Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Final Cut Pro on both Mac and PC platforms. Students also learn about the variety of career options in the media, and are give the opportunity to test their interest and aptitude in these areas. For more info check out Or email program coordinator Robert Richardson: For further information about the application process, or to learn more about Ontario colleges check out

Art and Design Foundation Program: George Brown College

Want to explore your options in the art and design field to prepare for further study, or looking to strengthen your portfolio? The Art and Design Foundation program offers courses in design, drawing, colour theory, digital design, photography and art history.  The art showcase lecture series brings top creative talent into the classroom, exposing students to the many career opportunities in the design field.  The program even sponsors a design competition where students work with the support of local organizations to create a work of art, then the work is displayed in a local exhibit space and is open to the public for viewing. For more info check out: FTCal/gas/R104.aspx Or contact the program coordinator Pamela Barnett:

There are also plenty of part-time programs available for the artistically minded.


Certificate in Theatrical Performance: Courses include Fundamental Acting Technique, Workshop on Scene Study, Improvisation, on Camera Acting and Techniques and Introductory Voice Training for Film and Theater. Special Effects Make Up Artistry Certificate: Courses include Glamour Makeup, Fashion Makeup, Airbrush Makeup, Character Makeup, Theatre Makeup, Film & TV Makeup and Production Work and Script Analysis.

CENTENNIAL COLLEGE: Recording Arts Certificate: Courses include Intro to Audio Recording, Digital Audio Recording, Midi and Programming, Music Theory and Arranging for Production. Digital Publishing Certificate: Courses include Graphic Design Fundamentals, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Image Processing, Intro to Adobe Indesign, Band Design and Development.

DURHAM COLLEGE: Graphic Arts Certificate: Courses include Adobe Illustrator, Digital Imaging, Digital Photography, Drawing, in Design, Layout and Design, Prepress Production and Typography. Interior Decorating Certificate: Courses include Basic Drafting, AutoCAD for Interior Decorating, History Oyo Furniture, Colour Theory, Decorating with Light, Perspective Drawing, Illustration and Presentation, Materials and Finishes, Decorating Basics and Business Practices.

HUMBER COLLEGE: Creative Advertising Certificate: Courses include Intro to Advertising Strategy, Creative Advertising Practices, Art Direction and Copywriting, and Portfolio Development. 3ds Max Modeling and Design Certificate: Courses include 3ds Max Interface Design, 3d Modeling , 3d Animation, 3d for Texturing and Lighting and 3d Rendering And Output.

GEORGE BROWN COLLEGE: Independent Filmmaking Certificate: Courses include Digital Cinematography, Digital Video Editing, History of Cinema, Screenwriting, Video Production, Directing Actors for Screen, Production and Design Story Boarding, Digital Photograph Certificate: Courses include Architectural Photography, Power of Light, The Art of Night Photography, Business Photography, Fashion Photography, Food Photography, Nature Photography and Wedding Photography

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