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In days of yore

Apr 12, 2024

"In Days of Yore" by Lee O-young is a poetic exploration of nature's power and human resilience, beautifully translated by Koh Hee-sun. Through vivid imagery and evocative language, the poem delves into themes of history, vitality, and the enduring human spirit, inviting readers to contemplate the depths of existence and the strength of hope.

45 Barkwin, Etobicoke, a place in my heart,

Where moments of love and life were shared.

In February this year, briefly I stayed,

June to October, with joy, I swayed.

HeeSun, a poet and storybook writer affiliated with the University in the Community and a member of Pen International, illuminates the world with her beautiful poems, songs, and stories, bringing hope and inspiration to those fortunate enough to experience her work. Through her global perspective and commitment to free expression, HeeSun's contributions extend beyond borders, creating a tapestry of creativity that fosters connection and understanding.


Apr 19, 2021

Over the years of life
Over a changing time
The events of decades ago
Discovering the DNA of next memories

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