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By ADMIN - April 19 2021

by Dr. Altaf Qadeer

Over the years of life
Over a changing time
The events of decades ago
Discovering the DNA of next memories
Memories shaping new memories
In an unknown moment of time
The DNA of memories re-shaped
The chromosomes of sadness silently re-defined
In the lab of love
In the lab of sad realities
In the expanding universe of human distances
Love is reshaping the journey of love
A world in home, re-discovering a home in the world
In the world of millions without a home
In a world of hunger, where some with billions in banks
Many children try to sleep without food
Where loving minds try to sleep with open eyes
Many children who can not write their names
With no pencil, no colors, no paper to draw a dream
In the long distances of dreams
Who is making an echoing scream!
Many languages not known to the world forum
The birds fly and cross the lands
Many birds, many songs keep hiding in many lands
With new obstacles on the roof of older barriers
Somewhere a heart is reaching their hearts
In a world with certainty of an economic uncertainty
In a world where an unforeseen crisis can come due to another crisis
Crisis multiplying crisis,
Growing economic flowers in the silent lands of frictions
A silent global disaster getting ignition
My memories of memories are drying my oceans of tears
Many environments of feelings are changing with dryness
Many new environments are crying to get protected of new fears
Can we protect our cognitive environment and all environments!
Let’s protect those hearts losing hope for everything
How an unknown voice becomes the voice of your heart
How hearts translate hearts
Empower all hearts to flourish all hearts
Happiness, togetherness, with a feeling of nearness
The voice of a loving heart can impact all hearts
The beauty of education for every heart

by Dr. Altaf Qadeer

Career Focus

FOGO: A New Definition for Job Search

April 19 2021

Last year when COVID started, I heard someone use the expression “FOGO”. I thought it was about Fogo Island in Newfoundland where the famous Fogo Island Inn is located. I soon discovered it meant “Fear of Going Outside”.
In our new world of facemasks, lockdowns and physical distancing, job searching has changed too.


Student Resources

Life’s Catapult

April 19 2021

Sometimes in life, it feels like we are in a catapult where we are pulled back before we can go forward. It is often adversity that creates the tension needed to release the energy that thrusts us forward and lets us reach higher. This is a metaphor that Shahina Suleman, Program Manager at PTP Adult Learning and Employment Programs, loves to use when talking about what the Elevate program does for its participants.



Executive Suite

April 19 2021

I have a friend from whom I love to borrow quotes. She speaks and thinks in great sound bites and I try to borrow from her as often as possible. One of the statements she frequently repeats is, “saying ‘focus’ to a person with ADHD is like saying, ‘oh, just cheer up’ to a person with depression.”
If only it were that easy.


Career Focus
Learning Curves

A year of living with COVID:

April 19 2021

Angie Cheng:
Home together 24 hours a day. My name is Angie. I live in Flemingdon Park with my husband and three children.