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Learning in the Community

The Jewish Russian Community Centre

By ADMIN - October 12 2015

By Elizabeth Merchant

originally published in the 2015 Spring Issue

The Jewish Russian Community Centre (JRCC), which operates branches including in Toronto, Thornhill and as far away as Ottawa, serves as a support system for Russians of the Jewish faith from the former Soviet Union. It offers a number of educational, spiritual and community services.

“A variety of classes are ongoing every week. There are a variety of courses including prayer and the Torah, as well as lectures and courses before the holidays.”

Rabbi Mendel Zaltzman, Administration and Development for the East Thornhill branch of the JRCC.

Many programs tie in with Jewish holidays such as the Pre-Rosh Hashana event, public Menorah lightings and the Purim Banquet and community parties. According to the mandate stated at this location’s website, “[Their] services are offered to the whole community, and they plan to offer more individual help and more programs for their local community.” If you do not see a class that you are interested in, you can suggest it! Adult education programs are offered mainly in spiritual teachings such as Chassidus, Parsha, Kabbalah and Jewish Philosophy. Classes are offered in both English and Russian There are upcoming programs for women and fun events such as picnics and concerts and the annual BBQ. For more information, visit the JRCC’s website at



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