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The University of Ontario Institute of Technology Management Development Centre

By ADMIN - September 16 2012

As part of the Faculty of Business and Information Technology at UOIT, the Management Development Centre uses current management practices and business policies as well as information technology to help managers, supervisors and technical professionals meet the competitive challenges of today’s dynamic business environment.

The MDC’s innovative training programs provide current, relevant and applied knowledge and a firstrate learning experience for today’s working professional. MDC offers development programs including:

  • Management and leadership workshops and seminars
  • Certificate and Master’s certificate programs specializing in:

Public Sector Management;

Social Media Marketing;

Professional Management and Communications;

Not-for-Profit Leadership; and

Patient Journey Modelling;

Industry-specific customized programs.

Students and business:A WIN-WIN collaboration

MDC has partnered with the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities, and associated partners, on an innovative program that connects students with small-and medium-sized businesses who have identified a business challenge which involves social media. By working with our qualified students, a business will learn the most up-to-date social media applications. Our future business leaders will learn to interact with professionals to plan strategies, train employees, set up boot camps and network with future employers.

Creating positive career experiences is a win-win partnership for all involved. Let us know if you are interested in becoming involved in this positive business initiative.

For additional information about the Management Development Centre at UOIT, go to www.mdc.uoit. ca or call

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