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University In The Community: Come Learn With Us!

By JOANNE MACKAY-BENNETT - September 17 2018

As regular readers of Learning Curves will already know, adult education programs are as varied as the interests of the people who sign up for them. University in the Community (UitC) is a small, free-of-charge, adult education program consisting of 10 weeks of lectures held at the University of Toronto. 

Are you wondering whether UitC is for you? 

Read on and find out! 

What exactly is University in the Community? 

UitC is exactly what its name implies: university education in community. It is a tutorial-based program that the Workers’ Educational Association, the publisher of this newspaper, initiated in 2003. UitC provides access to university-level education for adult learners who love to read, think and ask questions. Our students are people who, due to life circumstances, would have difficulty paying tuition fees or meeting university admission requirements.  If you have always wanted to go to university but thought that it was out of your reach, UitC is for you. 

Where and when is UitC held?

Classes are held on Wednesday evenings over a period of 10 weeks (SEPTEMBER 26 – NOVEMBER 28) from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm at Innis College, on the St. George campus of the University of Toronto. The college is located one block south of St. George and Bloor (Bloor line, St. George subway stop). Our classroom is accessible. 

Who can register? 

In order to participate in discussion, an intermediate level of English language comprehension is advised. Most of our students have completed secondary education. Some face personal barriers or may have been unable to complete post-secondary studies due to life circumstances. To a person, all of our students are passionate about learning. 

What is the topic of the Fall 2018 lecture series? 

This Fall, our topic is “Human Rights and the City.”  What do we as city-residents have a right to?  

Do urban “citizens” have a human right to their city? How can we ensure that individual experience is reflected in our collective life as Torontonians?  

Who teaches the classes? 

UitC is fortunate to be supported by the University of Toronto, Senior College and Innis College. Classes are taught by university professors and by subject experts. 

How much does UitC cost? 

There is no charge to attend UitC. 

How many students are in the class? 

In order to facilitate discussion, registration is limited to no more than 30 students. 

Is homework required? Weekly reading is required. 

Will I be able to get a university credit for a UitC course? UitC is unable to offer university credits. Students who regularly attend the 10-week session will receive a UitC graduation certificate. 

How can I find out more? 

Please get in touch with us! We’d love to tell you more! By phone: 416 923-7872. By email: 

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