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By WENDY TERRY - September 17 2018

Educational institutions are constantly developing new courses to help their students stay up to date and often they work in partnership with a professional group or industry. 

It is possible to see what courses are new on some web sites. You can always ask the department or the CE Division itself  what’s new. 

We took a look. Try it yourself. 

Ryerson Chang School 

under News and Events

New course and Information Session. 

CZEN 420  The Business of Cannabis


September 7th  On line information session for Data Analytics and  Fast Track STEM  Programs and Certificates. 

George Brown (has a complete listing) 

New courses (a few listed below ) 

GNRL 9286   Researching and Writing Family Histories

COMP 9706  Information Security Governance and Risk Management

COMP 9707  Cyber Security and Information Protection


New partnership 

Huawei Certification Training

First Authorized Learning Partner( HALP)  training Certificatein North America

Huawei Technologies Company is a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications  equipment and service company 


I could not find a new courses listing. (see below)  

Durham College

New Certificates 

Cannabis Industry Specialization 

Social Media Certificate


New courses 

Social Media Marketing 350 

Sheridnan and IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada) 


Fundamentals of Tax Preparation 

This course is designated for regular people not tax specialists 

T! filing for individuals and self employed business owners. 


I could not find a new courses listing. 

Scanning course listings 

Most web sites have a complete course and program listing by scanning these some newer ones may catch your eye. 

Ryerosn  Certificate Listings

Aboriginal Knowledge and Experiences. Dist. Ed. 

Coded New:

Advanced International Trade Management 

Entering Foreign Markets  Dist. Ed. 

Foundations of International Management Dist. Ed. 

Seneca Credentials 

Sustainable Local Food Seneca Certificate

Sustainable Planning and Development  Certificate

Working with Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Children) Recognition of Achievement 

Working with Individauls with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Audlts and Adolescents) Recognitionf of Achievement 

Humber Course Listing 

GAL003 Citizen of the World- online

ACDC107 Client Directed Case Management Community Mental Health 

CYBE003 Cyber Attacks Online

CYBE003 Cyber Defense On line 

PALL011 End of Life – Intro to Palliative Cae. 

Centennial Programs

(organized by course number not alphabetically)

7046 Microsoft Office Application Support

7165 Criminal Psychology and Behavior

7172 Retirement Communities Management 

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