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A queen passed from this world

By ADMIN - March 16 2023
<strong>A queen passed from this world</strong>

By Osman Ozsoy

During my trip to London in June 2022, while walking in front of Buckingham Palace, I suddenly stopped and looked at the palace from a distance for a while. You know, there is a saying that if stones could speak, who knows what they would say… That came to my mind. None of us will ever know what this beautiful palace witnessed over its 300 years. 

Indeed, a few days ago, Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee was held here. The decorations were still up, the horseshoe marks left by the horses on the ground were still there.

As I looked at the palace, I thought of Queen Elizabeth who lived there. Despite her 96 years, her energy and determined work ethic came to my mind. It was that aspect that everyone appreciated the most.

Life is full of lessons for those who want to learn.

You know, we have a saying that horses die standing. It means they complete their lives by running until their last breath. As a matter of fact, one of the last to see the Queen from outside the palace was Prime Minister Liz Truss, who came to The Queen’s last pose to the world was standing. She was at her post and she was smiling as always. From time to time, there are questionnaires on social media that ask which fruit or animal you identify with. We do not know, perhaps this was one reason for the Queen’s special passion and interest in horses. Running and working until the last moment.

My friend Irep said that when her seven-year-old daughter returned from school, she told her the Queen was dead. Suddenly her eyes widened as she asked what would happen to the Queen’s dogs now. Perhaps this is one reason why she was so loved and respected by every generation from 7 to 70. Everyone found in her something with which she connected with her.

My niece, who lives in Berlin, went on WhatsApp to inform her elderly mother, who lives in Istanbul, that Elizabeth had died. When her mother asked “Which Elizabeth?” she responded by asking her mother, “How many Elizabeths do you know in this world? “Oh my God, is the Queen dead?” her mother gasped. 

Queen Elizabeth II was not just queen of the people of the Commonwealth Nations; she was the world’s most famous woman and also its queen. Her name was respected by all world leaders, regardless of regime. She wasn’t just the queen of 56 countries and a population of nearly 2.5 billion. She was also a foster mother who wanted to keep her family together.

She wanted to keep it under her control without skipping any detail until her last breath. It can be said that her high sense of responsibility may even be one of the reasons why she was bestowed with longevity.

She was a stylish woman. Whatever she wore suited her. In May 2013, at the age of 87, she chose to take the train with her then-92-year-old husband, Prince Philip, during a visit to the town of Cambridge. She had not positioned herself above the people like a courtier. Her image touched everyone and was accessible to everyone. I have told this example to young people a lot in my lectures at university.

Fifteen Prime Ministers appointed. She was only 26 years old when she gave the post of prime minister to Churchill, the most powerful Prime Minister of the 20th century. It is not easy to be queen for 70 years and to continue in office without losing any of your reputation. She went down in history as the head of state who had seen the most countries in the world. 

A queen passed from this world. She left a pleasant voice behind.assume the post of Prime Minister. 

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