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Lucy in Leslieville

By ANDREW OLIVER - January 17 2019

After 25 years at the same job I have just joined the ranks of the unemployed! I have a great resume prepared, good references and am enthusiastic about taking on new challenges. I thought I had all my bases covered but I keep being told I should have a social media “presence”. What the heck are they talking about?  I have a Facebook account but how does one job search on that?

Lucy in Leslieville

Hi Lucy,

You are not alone.  It seems some days that everyone around us is plugged in.  We hear terms like Twitter and Snap Chat but what do they mean and how can they possibly help us job search? For most of us who were introduced to the Internet as adults it can feel like entering a maze.  Don’t fear…I will help guide you through the confusion that is social media.

While most of us are familiar with the most common job search sites such as or, using social media is your portal to networking.  While nothing can replace face to face contact, social media can be a great way to expand your base.  Some of the more common apps to take advantage of are;  

Probably the most user friendly and common networking site. LinkedIn allows you to post your resume, join professional groups and have contacts that are familiar with your work post commendations. 


What??? Twitter??? I am sure you have heard of it. Who hasn’t? You can’t turn on the news without hearing about it. However, despite the occasional Twitter debacles this app can be used for good.  With Twitter you can follow companies you may be interested in working for, stay abreast of new products and initiatives and get your information and respond in real time.  Be very careful about what you post on Twitter. Try to stay away from personal opinions and stick with the facts.


When I recommend Facebook I always advise people to, if possible, open one with a professional name and keep another for just personal use.  Facebook provides a great opportunity to let people know you are looking for work and connect with other jobseekers.  However, keep in mind that many employers have been known to check on a person’s Facebook page if they are considering hiring a person. Ensure that your Facebook page does not have any pictures of you that you would not want anyone else seeing, that your comments are clean and well thought out and you are presenting yourself as a possible employee. Many jobseekers have not gotten positions because an employer checked out their Facebook page.

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