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Restless in Rexdale

By ANDREW OLIVER - October 5 2022

Dear Elcee:

I am 32 years old with a Bachelors Degree in English. I am recently unemployed and looking to make a career change from call centre customer service. I have been seeing so much in the news about the job shortages in the health care industry but cannot see myself taking so many years becoming a Doctor or a Nurse. I am willing to take a one or two year program. Besides, the idea of giving someone a needle terrifies me! I love the idea of working and making a contribution in this area.  Are there any other options in the healthcare field?

Restless in Rexdale

Dear Restless

I am so glad you asked this question. There are so many careers in healthcare beyond the typical doctor / nurse positions. While many of them may require advanced degrees I will endeavor to narrow the list down to those that may only take one or two years of additional study. 

Home Health Care Aide; Also known as Personal Care Assistants, this is a growing field, primarily due to an aging population and a growing need to assist people in staying at home longer. Although the field is not high paying there is movement to increase salaries. Minimum high school diploma is required along with a course which are offered through a private colleges.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and Cardiology Technologists and Technicians. This grouping of diagnosticians includes a range of highly trained professionals including Diagnostic medical sonographers, cardiovascular technologists and technicians and vascular technologists. Each of these positions requires the operation of special imaging equipment to create images or conduct diagnostic tests. 

Dietician. A dietitian works with their patients to manage their diet such as their intake of healthy foods, plans for making and prepping healthy meals and suggest alterations to their lifestyle concerning their health. They can also decide how a patient can work within their financial budget to eat healthier.

Massage Therapist. A massage therapist massages clients to loosen up their muscles and body tissues to alleviate stress. Massages can also help clients relax regularly, heal the injuries they suffered and help the immune system.

Medical Records Clerk. A medical records clerk files, maintains and protects a patient’s medical records. They supply a patient’s X-rays and other necessary documents to the nursing staff. Additionally, they process a patient’s admission and discharge records.

This is just a small overview of the variety of positions that are available in the healthcare industry and doesn’t require giving needles (Phlebotomists do that!). I suggest you do research into the healthcare industry in Canada and what extra schooling is required for the position you desire. I highly recommend the website which will provide the most objective information available. They have labour market information, educational requirements, salary guides and places to study. Good luck!

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