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Diary Confessions

By SAMANVITHA ORUGANTI - November 3 2023
Diary Confessions

Dear Diary,

Life has not been the same ever since we watched Avatar: The Way of Water; just like COVID, life can now be classified as before and after Avatar: The Way of Water. That was the last movie we all watched together as a family for Emmett’s 18th birthday; now, he has gone to college to study marine biology.

He was five years old when the first movie was released, and now the boy is all grown up, but his obsession with Na’vi language continued. I still remember the times after school when he used to run up to me, saying, “Grandma, look, I braided my hair just like the Na’vi, and one day, I’m going to find Eywa in this world, either in the air, probably not in the air” he used to look up at me with big blue eyes to continue “either in deep amazon forests or in the deep blue seas if only I could go to space there too like the buzz light year.”

I hope his curiosity, innocence, and zest to discover new life continues. His passion and ambitions keep me going, and his curiosity inspires me and reminds me of the ancient days when I was like him. I hope you remember that I rehashed this several times to you: I wanted to be a playwright, but life caught on, and you know who I became now just a 72-year-old grandmother whose entire existence depends on seeing my children and their children happy, knit them sweaters and once in a while write lullabies and goodnight stories for the kids in the public library.

Dad was right; anything could happen once a person is asked to enter this brutal new century. Centuries go by, and in times when movies like Avatar are being made, little did I realize I would end up sounding like my father.

But little Emmett, I’m rooting for you; I hope you find your way of water just like Mr. James Cameron did.

Good night, diary!

Samanvitha Orugant is an avid storyteller who likes narrating stories about people, emotions, and places. She believes our world has innumerable tales, some hidden, some not, but all waiting to be told. She can be reached via email at


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