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Diplomas, Customized Training both at BTT and On-Site Training

By ADMIN - November 16 2013

By Lourdes B

One of the advantages volunteering for Learning Curves is you get to find out about educational opportunities that you would otherwise never come across. In fact, our mission is to pass these findings onto our readers so they can better choose a course that meets their needs.

Recently I spent one Saturday morning with Ashton Persaud of Business & Technical Training College which is a career college registered under the Private Career Colleges Act in Ontario. They run courses on Saturday mornings because often this is the time when students are free to study.

Business and Technical Training offers Diplomas in Computer Networks, Network Engineer Specialist. Ashton is a trained network engineer, having studied at the University of New Brunswick, Ryerson University. In between, she worked in the US and then in Toronto. Like many who start their own school, Ashton’s passion for his field and teaching comes shining through.

Not only does BTT offer certified Diploma programs but they do customized training for individual students on site and most interestingly customized worksite training. Like myself, our readers have no doubt taken courses that while useful are limited in helping us understand the system at work which never seems to quite work the same as the one in class. The Diploma is not what we really want and we need to understand what we have to work with every day.

BTT will come on site, train your staff individually and clear up problems with your computer systems that could be making it difficult for your staff. Wow. Ashton clearly takes great satisfaction in this aspect of BTT’s training. To help a student learn what has frustrated them, to go on site and help an employer and clear up systems and train the staff, raises job satisfaction all around.

BTT not only offers Diplomas and training in Computer Networks but also in Accounting (QuickBooks, SAP Financials, Simply Accounting), ACCPAC, Medical Office Assistant and Business Administration. So they will be able to help you get certified, customize training for you or your worksite.

Lourdes B graduated from Business and Technical Training College in the Computerized Accounting program and happily found work in the accounting field

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