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Makerspace 1:1

By WENDY TERRY - April 12 2022
Makerspace 1:1

In the Winter 2022 issue of Learning Curves I did an article on Makerspace at the UofT Scarborough Campus. see for back issues. I ended the article by noting what you find at one institution is often at another, so ask. As I was delivering in York Region and asking about it, I found out that most libraries have Makerspaces. Karen Yang, Marketing Manager, for Markham Public Library answered my questions. Ask about it at a library near you. 

What do clients use 3D Printers for? Example of a couple of projects?

We have customers using 3D printers for both personal and business purposes. We have many customers 3D printing their wedding gifts and holiday gifts. One business project we recalled is customer printing their company logos to use in a Conference. 

What do our digital sewing machines/embroidery machines do? 

We have a Digital Embroidery Machine – Brother PE770 and Sewing Machine – Singer Quantum Stylist 9960. Both provide customers hands-on sewing and embroidery experience. The sewing machine is a home used machine and customers usually use it for their home projects. The embroidery machine can use the preset pattern and design or customers can design their own using a software.  

Is your site the only location or are there others in York Region?

MPL’s Makerspaces are only within the MPL branches across the City of Markham. There are also other libraries in York Region that have a Makerspace. 

All you need is a library card?

Yes, all you need is to complete an Orientation and Markham Public Library card to access all the equipment and workshops at MPL’s Makerspaces. 

Do you offer classes? What are they? 

We offer classes/workshops to train people on how to use the equipment and technology in our Makerspaces to become confident makers. Our workshops not only teach them the skills they need but also help to inspire them to try out different projects. Examples are: Intro to 3D Printing, Intro to Laser Engraving and various Adobe programs. We also offer one-on-one sessions with our Digital Literacy Specialist team to support customers on specific projects.

Anything else the readers should know? 

We currently offer curbside 3D printing service at our locations. Apart from 3D printing and sewing/embroidery services, we also offer laser engraving service, Cricut machines and vinyl cutter, digitizing equipment and digital media software at different locations.

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