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A grumpy teenager

Nov 21, 2023

The true story of a teenager's unhappiness since an unwilling move to a different city.

Dear Diary,

Life has not been the same ever since we watched Avatar: The Way of Water; just like COVID, life can now be classified as before and after

Angie Cheng is a parent, worker, and university student. Earlier this year, she told Learning Curves (Spring Issue 2021) how her family of five had lived through a year of COVID. Last week, I asked her to tell me more about her life since coming to Canada twenty years ago.

Angie Cheng:
Home together 24 hours a day. My name is Angie. I live in Flemingdon Park with my husband and three children.

Virginia Robos studied bartending soon after coming to Canada from San Antonio, Chile. “Skinny Ginny” (as friends called her) wanted something quick and job-ready to support her family. A short hospitality certificate seemed perfect at the time.

Julie Jackson and I first met at a public library concert two summers ago when she sat next to me.

Do you remember Duoli’s story? Are you interested in what’s going on with me recently. Since September 2011, I have insisted on learning English step-by step.

Zhi Hai’s Story

Jun 20, 2019

Zhihai is an ESL student in the first level ESL class at Overland Learning Centre. It is remarkable that he is 91 years old and has been learning English for over two years now.

I often chatted with Tim when he worked at a store near Toronto’s Main and Gerrard Streets.

When I first met Susan Shin in November 2017, she was a college student studying international business.

Yellow Hyacinths

Jan 17, 2019

Jimmy was pronounced “Dead on Arrival” when he arrived at the hospital. Adelle had heard this earlier.

When I first met Mugi last year, she was working at a Chinese supermarket. As we got to know each other, Mugi told me she would soon start evening English classes.

The Presence

Sep 10, 2018

I've always thought that the space we live are like pictures where the walls carry embedded memories.

For several years, I would see Sonia’s welcoming smile behind a local library’s reference desk.

Pete was in the classroom when I showed up for the first meeting. He had already read the course outline and purchased the textbook.

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