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Thank you, Mina!

By ADMIN - July 1 2023

Mina Wong has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Workers’ Educational Association of Canada since 2014. All charitable organizations depend on active Board members. Mina certainly was one. We will miss her.  

She has contributed a column to Learning Curves for years, telling the story of adult learners she has met over the years in her role as an adult educator. These stories give our readers inspiration. Even when all may have not been perfect, it worked out for the student profiled. Mina has agreed to carry on with these stories for Learning Curves.  See for back issues and Mina’s stories. 

The picture of us is from our 100th issue celebration of Learning Curves. Mina and I encircled the room with all 100 copies. Our first issue was in January 1999.  We have published for 25 years. You can see one displayed clearly on the wall in the background of the photo. The display allowed celebrants to walk about and reminisce as they did. You can see this full 100th issue picture story in our Winter 2018 issue on our site. 

Our 100th issue celebration was held in the room at Saint Luke’s Church where we held our Board of Directors Meetings for over 19 years. Before each meeting as we came together, Mina played the church piano. There are many memories of Mina and we are so grateful for her contributions. We will miss you, Mina. Thank you so much. 

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