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Learning in the Community

The Arab Community Centre of Toronto

By ADMIN - October 21 2017

The Arab Community Centre of Toronto (ACCT), whose Head Office is located in Etobicoke and has been providing services for over 30 years, aims to be inclusive of both Arab and non-Arab communities with assistance to those new to Canada with settlement and social services in many languages in addition to Arabic, including English, French, Punjabi, Russian and Dutch. There are a variety of programs and services offered at the ACCT such as help with legal issues, personal finance, connections to community organizations, job search, volunteer placement and services for youth. There is also a wealth of educational information for the adult learner. “We offer Canadian Citizenship Exam preparation classes, English conversation circles, and basic computer skills,” explains Zena AlHamdan, Programs Manager at the ACCT.

“We also offer various information sessions for our seniors’ support group, Urdu-speaking group, [and others]. These information sessions address a spectrum of issues ranging from the basic such as banking, credit… very specific such as health related topics for seniors to parenting workshops for newcomer parents.”

In addition to programs and services, there are also many exciting and interesting events that take place throughout the year that anyone can take part in!

“The ACCT hosts a number of community events that bring in community members, newcomers, and local businesses together to mark events such as Canada Day, Mother’s Day, etc., to showcase the diversity within the Canadian Arab community, such as our latest national dress fashion show and to raise awareness of newcomers’ issues. Another highlight is the popular Annual Picnic, held during the summer months.”

The ACCT works in partnership with many community groups and city programs to serve various communities. For more information and useful links please visit the ACCT’s website:



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Last year when COVID started, I heard someone use the expression “FOGO”. I thought it was about Fogo Island in Newfoundland where the famous Fogo Island Inn is located. I soon discovered it meant “Fear of Going Outside”.
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April 19 2021

I have a friend from whom I love to borrow quotes. She speaks and thinks in great sound bites and I try to borrow from her as often as possible. One of the statements she frequently repeats is, “saying ‘focus’ to a person with ADHD is like saying, ‘oh, just cheer up’ to a person with depression.”
If only it were that easy.