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The Symphony of Prioritizing: Crafting a Life of Harmony

By VOLODYMYR KRAVCHUK - November 7 2023
The Symphony of Prioritizing: Crafting a Life of Harmony

In the ever-turning tapestry of existence, we find ourselves contemplating a perennial question: how do we navigate the labyrinthine web of expectations that envelop us? Whose presence looms largest in the grand theater of our lives? Take a moment to reflect upon the paramount quintet that graces your life’s stage. Who is the coveted star, the true luminary, and who are the four supporting constellations? This is the orchestration of life’s priorities—a graceful arrangement that allows for simplicity and serenity.

Each day unfolds as a mosaic of inquiries and obligations, spanning a vast spectrum of complexities. Parents beckon to a pastoral retreat, a spouse seeks domestic order, children beseech their desires, and you nurture private ambitions. In the midst of your own contemplations, the urgent call of a business partner disrupts your reverie, unveiling a pivotal opportunity. It is in these moments of divergence that the crux of your query arises: how do you divide your allegiances?

Foremost among the pantheon of priorities is the self. For it is within the corridors of self-contentment that the symphony of life commences. If one’s actions and decisions fail to kindle the flames of personal joy, the resonance of external happiness remains but an echo. In this, we do not merely endorse self-indulgence; we celebrate a profound love for oneself that radiates outward, encompassing all who traverse our orbit. Without the capacity to love oneself, the reservoir of affection for others runs dry.

The second chair is reserved for a partner in life’s pas de deux. This individual is the co-protagonist in the narrative of your existence, embarking with you on the epic quest that is your life’s raison d’être. Whether it be a spouse, a compatriot in the domestic realm, or a collaborator in the grand stage of entrepreneurship, they are your doppelgänger in destiny’s waltz.

Third, a cherished soul assumes their rightful place—a beloved who reciprocates your sentiments in the spiritual, physical, and emotional spheres. In the harmonious concord of life, when your partner embodies both lover and companion, the journey attains a profound sense of ease. Herein lies a profound dichotomy: when domesticity, progeny, and felicity reign as your paramount mission, adoration for your beloved reigns supreme. However, if your aspirations are poised to reshape the world or construct entrepreneurial empires, your cherished companion must yield to the primary duo: you and your life partner.

On occasion, internal schisms render spouses or partners incongruous. In such melancholic junctures, introspection becomes imperative, as one must ponder whether it is ethical to subject another soul, as well as oneself, to a dissonant existence.

The progeny assume the penultimate position, followed by parental figures, and friends in the sixth. It is paramount to fathom that, should your spouse habitually elevate your children above all else, it may inadvertently toll discord upon the sanctity of your union. To many, the hierarchy unfolds thusly: oneself as the paramount; one’s partner as second in command; and progeny, third, or even further down the echelon. This is the art of establishing priorities in the grand tapestry of existence—a symphony that commences with adoration of the self. Foster self-love, for without it, your love for progeny cannot usher your life to a better course. Learn to find solace in your own company, relish the present moment, and honor your emotions and sentiments.

Craft clear objectives and illuminate the path of your life’s mission. Ponder, then, who shall assume the mantle of the second—a partner, steadfast and unwavering. Seek your own love, and when you unearth it, cherish and safeguard it. May your days resonate with the laughter of children and the enduring presence of your parents by your side. If, regrettably, their earthly tenure has passed, know that above all else, their hearts yearned for your happiness, for in your felicity resided their own.

Embrace the sublime beauty of self-contentment, positioning the “self” at the vanguard of your life, while venerating the “self” that dwells within every being that graces your sphere.

by Volodymyr Kravchuk. Toronto Psychologist, 647-802-4066,

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