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What’s New for 2019-2020?

By WENDY TERRY - September 20 2019
What’s New for 2019-2020?

Educational providers are constantly developing new courses to help us stay up to date. Some college and university websites have a What’s New program and course listing which is very helpful. Others you would have to scan to see what fits your needs or call the program department and ask them what is new. 

George Brown College 

Click on Continuing Education, then click on More Browsing Options. then Click on  New Course and Programs. 

There are multiple listings here but what caught my eye given our increasing concerns about cyber security were:

Under Security Enforcement programs

Cybercrime Law

Cybersecurity Incident Response and Recovery

IT Infrastructure Fundamentals 

Social Media Intelligence and Investigations 

Under Property Management 

Human Relations for Property Managers

Ryerson Continuing Education

If you click on programs and courses, then on What’s New for 2019-2020 you find:

New Programs Certificates: 

Crime Analytics

Economics: Fundamentals

Economics: Theory and Applications

Energy Management and Conservation 

Financial Mathematics Modeling and Predictive Analytics 

Course Series:

EarlyON Child and Family Centres

Inclusive Media: Real time Closed Captioning and Audio Description 

Leadership in Accessibility and Inclusion

Workplace Mental Health in Healthcare Settings. 

York University School of
Continuing Studies

On their home page banner there is a What’s New tab which lists:

Certificate in Cloud Computing Strategy

Certificate in User Experience (UX) Design.

Certificate in IT Audit Execution 

Post-Graduate Certificate in Public Relations 

Certificate in Digital Marketing

Certificate in Content Marketing

Post-Graduate Certificate Digital and Content Marketing

Post-Graduate Certificate in Advanced Professional Accounting (On-line)

Certificate in Full Stack Web Development 

Certificate in Machine Learning 

Scanning Websites 

Other educational providers do not do a What’s New listing so by scanning  course and program listings, some catch your eye, or you can just call the program department and ask what is new this term.

The following caught my eye this year, last year it was Cannabis Courses which are still there and have grown, this year cyber security seems to dominate  given all the press about meddling in elections, websites, social media. There were liberal arts courses that caught my eye as we need to understand our world as well as keep up with tech changes.  Try scanning these lists see what catches your eye. 

Humber College


Healthy Senior Living (Retirement Homes) Operations

Cyber Crime Specialist 

Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems

Psychosocial Rehabilitation in Mental Health 

Records and Information Management 

Research Skills and Analysis 

Transformative and Restorative Justice 


3D Modelling with 3ds Max (plus several others)

Active Records Management

Acute Physical and Mental Health Challenges Across the Lifespan

Beekeeping: Build a Hive (plus several others) 

Citizen of the World

Computer Assisted Language Learning
(plus several others)

Contemporary Canadian Issues

Cyber Attacks

Cyber Defense 

Foundations of Mindfulness

Introduction to Robotics 

Issues in Diversity: First Nations People 

IT Security 

Math for Moms and Dads  (How to Tutor Your Children)

Researching and Reporting

The Law of Armed Conflict 

Seneca College 

At a Downtown Location  Workhaus
Commerce Court  30  Wellington Street,
5th floor


Financial Technology (Fintech) 

Block Chain/DLT and Crypto Currencies 

Business Analysis for Fintech

At main campuses under Featured Programming Section (not clear what is meant by featured)

Many listings but these caught my eye

Autism and Behavioral Science 

Cyber Security 

e-learning Developer

Planning for Retirement

Stock Market Investing

Webmaster Content Site Design 

Seneca’s program and course listings uses a drill down process (program area to program to course) which is more time consuming than scanning lists of programs that then link to a program area and courses which then link to a program area. Or call the program and ask. 

Centennial College 

Browsing of programs and courses organized by course number not alphabetic by course name. 


Autism and Behavioral Science. 

Geographic Information Systems

Supply Chain Logistics Management 

Digital Publishing 

Thanatology (Death Studies) – a Practical Approach


Writing for the Web

Development Across the Lifespan- Developmental Psychology 

Autism Spectrum Disorder 

World Religion: Western and Eastern Traditions

Desktop Publishing for Business Using Word

Global Logistics

Wind Turbine Installation and Maintenance (Basic)

World Systems: History, Geopolitics, Culture 

First Nations Culture 

Durham College 

Durham used to have a What’s New listing on the inside of the front cover of their

Continuing Education Calendar but not this year so I scanned and found”

Program Spotlights 

Certificate in Ethical Hacking


Sustainable local Food

Thanatology Death Studies


Autism Spectrum Disorder

Behavior and Mental Exceptionalities

Canadian Literature

Dealing with Difficult People

Geographic Information Systems. 

Learning for Death and Dying 

On Line Searching

Sheridan College 


New glass blowing Netflix series highlights Sheridan students, staff and alumni


This section used a drill down process organized by program area, which is more time consuming to scan than a listing of programs or courses that have a link to program areas. 


This course listing has a filter which allows you to choose mode of delivery (in class, online); academic term; days of the week, and campus location). This is very helpful as there over 400 courses to scan, especially days of the week, as often due to work and family commitments there is only one day of the week when you can go to class. 

Art History 

Coping with Death 

Geographic Information systems,  Arc View

Green Building Construction Practices 

Internet Mapping

Mourning, Grief and Bereavement

Myth and Legends

Religious Beliefs, Traditions and Customs of Death 

Thanatology  Introduction

The History of Chocolate 

Value Stream Mapping and Process Management 

University of  Toronto School of Continuing Studies 

By searching with What’s New in their Search Engine we found a lot of listings, these are some. 

Agile Bootcamp for Executives and Senior Managers

Neuro Science, Mindfulness, and Mindfulness Meditation

The Rise of Subscription E-Commerce

Foundations of Cloud Computing

Beyond Brainstorming: 3-step System for Leading Creative Problem Solving Meetings

Foundations of Strategic Public Relations 

Advanced Technical Analysis and Algo Trading Strategies

Digital Transformation for Business Growth 

Agile Leadership and Transformation

Agile Practice in Business Analysis 

Program Area

By scanning the U of T School of Continuing Studies, Arts Science and Humanities print  calendar I found a new Program Area I had not seen in previous years and I had not seen in previous scans of this provider. 

Applied Mindfulness Meditation

(certificate studies possible ) 

We suggest you call programs and ask what it is new. If you would like a What’s New program and course listing let the continuing education department know. Sheridan and Durham seems to have stopped doing this as last year we could find a What’s New list but not this year. 

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