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A Cinephile

By SAMANVITHA ORUGANTI - November 29 2023

By SAMANVITHA ORUGANTI - November 29 2023

Learning Curves

Jason, inspired by "Back to the Future," turns his mediocre looks into a charming asset, using a self-declared world-famous pickup line to navigate the complexities of dating and eventually finding the love of his life. His humorous and heartfelt journey unfolds against a backdrop of dorm room nostalgia and cinematic romance.


Learning Curves

I am a 43-year-old woman working as an Administrative Assistant in a large corporation.



What do museums tell us?

By ADMIN - November 23 2023

In the world's museums, a Turkish proverb resonates: "A donkey dies, and his saddle is left behind. A person dies, and his work is left behind." This preview explores the profound impact of historical artifacts, emphasizing how museums, like mirrors of humanity's story, call us to leave a legacy of positive deeds and cherished memories for future generations.

Teacher’s Voice

A grumpy teenager

By ADMIN - November 21 2023

The true story of a teenager's unhappiness since an unwilling move to a different city.



Learning Curves wants your writing!

By IRYNA PALTSEVA - November 10 2023

If you have written poetry or a short story, share it with us and our readers. For further  information or to submit some writing, email us at

Priority given to previously unpublished work of new writers.

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