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In days of yore

By ANDREW OLIVER - April 12 2024

By ANDREW OLIVER - April 12 2024

By Lee O-young

그것은 옛날


이어령[i ə riʌŋ] - English name is Lee O-Young (29 December 1933 – 26 February 2022). He was a literary critic, journalist, author, and university professor, also kno

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Diary Confessions - The Ponderer’s Silence


Discover the transformative power of silence and daydreaming in this heartwarming journey of self-discovery as a 72-year-old grandmother finds her creative spark and true happiness through moments of quiet contemplation. Embrace the joy of imagination and rediscover your inner child in this poignant reflection on the importance of stillness amidst life's busy chaos.


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Please help!  I am 35 years old and am so tired of going from one job to another.  I had dreams of graduating college after studying  computer programming  and settling into a job.


In his poignant narrative, Bryan Kaye Senfuma honors the courageous human rights defenders worldwide, highlighting their unwavering commitment amid adversity. As we celebrate Canada's role as a beacon of hope, Senfuma urges us to stand in solidarity and take tangible steps to support these defenders in their pursuit of justice.

In the Community

The Arrival of Spring

By ADMIN - March 29 2024

As the last tendrils of winter's grasp yield to the gentle caress of spring, the world awakens in vibrant hues and joyful melodies. Join us on a journey through the season of renewal, where nature's transformation mirrors our own quest for introspection, gratitude, and celebration.


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Who does good will find good ...

By OSMAN OZSOY - March 28 2024

In Osman Ozsoy's narrative, acts of kindness lead to unexpected blessings, illustrating the timeless principle that "those who do good will receive good." Through heartfelt anecdotes of reciprocity, Ozsoy highlights the transformative power of compassion in fostering solidarity and resilience within communities.

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Job Search Postcards – Smart Resume Tailoring

By LISA TRUDEL - March 26 2024

Discover how Smart Resume Tailoring revolutionizes job applications by dynamically adapting resumes to match specific job descriptions, increasing your chances of landing interviews.



Learning Curves wants your writing!

By MINA WONG - March 21 2024

If you have written poetry or a short story, share it with us and our readers. For further  information or to submit some writing, email us at

Priority given to previously unpublished work of new writers.

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UitC Fall/Winter Program

Fall – 2020 COVID-19 Learn from Home Edition

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Where: Wherever you can access the internet (Formerly held at Innis College, University of Toronto)

When: Wednesday evenings,
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm,
September 27th – November 29th, 2020

Newcomer Chronicles
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Surviving Mariupol: A Personal Chronicle

By IRYNA PALTSEVA - March 7 2024

Surviving the horrors of war in Mariupol, Serhii's resilience led him to a new life in Canada. Embracing hope, he not only rebuilt but discovered a passion for capturing the beauty of street art, creating a captivating collection of Canadian murals.